Why use Lawn Wetting Agent?

Lawn wetting agents are designed to harvest valuable moisture in the form of rainfall or irrigation from your sprinklers. Lawn wetting agents alleviates turf growth limiting soil issues including many non-wetting native soils and manufactured sand supplied by quarries that have poor water infiltration and or poor soil structure. Lawn Wetting agents can be applied as a granule or a liquid from that can be mixed with your liquid fertilisers and pre or post emergent herbicides.

A lawn wetting agent will improve turf vigour and nutrient efficiency in the root zone, to increase water harvesting capacity & alleviate the soil drying down during long periods of low rainfall.

How Lawn Wetting Agent work

A lawn wetting agent help the spray droplet to spread over the leaf surface by reducing the interfacial tension between the leaf surface and spray droplets. The three types of wetting agents (anionic, cationic and non-ionic) are classified based on how they ionize or separate into charged particles in water. Nonionic surfactants do not ionize, thus, remain uncharged. This is the most commonly used type of surfactant and is compatible with most herbicides and insecticides. They are unaffected by grey water containing high levels of calcium, magnesium, or ferric ions. Anionic wetting agents ionize with water to form a negative charge which aid in water penetrating the water repellent sands and soils. Cationic ones ionize with water to form a positive charge. These are only occasionally used.

My experience with wetting agents is to find one you like OR been recommended by a turf professional and stick with it. Lawn Wetting agents that have been used in the professional turf world for a period of time are brands you can trust. Research rarely consistently finds one particular wetting agent superior to another in terms of alleviating dry spots. So before using any new products, experiment with it on a limited area, leaving an untreated check as a comparison.

A lawn wetting agent, like many turfgrass products, often are introduced into the market with little or no independent research, but use slick magazine ads and testimonials to create interest. These unresearched wetting agents come and go as quick the companies that manufactures them.

Lawn Rules only recommends proven turf products that have been used throughout the professional turf industry with proven results. Lawn Rules is bringing the professional turf industry products back to the people who love their lawns.

Our lawn wetting agent is designed and manufactured by Turf Culture a Australian owned and operated company, who have manufactured lawn and professional wetting agents to meet our harsh weather conditions and varying soil types.

Lawn Rules recommends using the following lawn wetting agent.

Maximiser Push Through and Maximiser Elite.

Maximiser Push Through is a strong penetrant that allows water to move through the soil, especially hard to penetrate heavier clay type soils.

Monthly applications are strongly recommended.

Maximiser Elite is a dual action wetting agent. This premium lawn wetting agent allows water penetration but also retains moisture in the rootzone especially in high draining sandy soils.

Monthly applications are strongly recommended.

Maximiser Elite also comes in a granule form for easy application.

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