Alleviate Plus

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Liquid soil conditioner designed to improve soil performance, including water movement, root development and aggregate stability. Contains high percentage Calcium compounds

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Chemical Identity of Ingredients


Calcium Lignosulphonate (Ca) < 7.0 %
Magnesium Lignosulphonate (Mg) < 1.0 %
Potassium Lignosulphonate (K) < 6.0 %
Nitrogen Slow Release (N) 10.0 %
Iron (EDHA) (Fe) < 1.0 %
Manganese Hydrolysate (Mn) < 1.0 %
Zinc Hydrolysate (Zn) < 1.0 %
Copper Lignosulphonate (Cu) < 1.0 %
Boron Gluconate (B) < 1.0 %
Potassium Molybdate (Mo) < 1.0 %
Modified Humates, Fulvates < 30.0 %
Potassium Silicate 3.0 %

Also Contains:

Lignosulphonates, Humates, Binding Agents, Penetrants & Surfactants.

Pack Sizes

  • 5 L


  • • Not a Dangerous Good according to the ADG Code
  • • Hazardous Chemical according to WHS
  • • ALKALINE solution; may be harmful by injection and contact with skin and eyes

General Information:

This product is chelated (protected from becoming unavailable) with naturally occurring Lignin compounds to provide maximum foliar and root absorption, in addition to ITS surfactants and penetrants.


This product can be used or applied for citrus, stone fruits, grape vines, cereals and other crops, legumes, grasses, market gardens, tree crops and turf grass.


Do not mix with oil base chemicals, residual herbicides or urea on tree crops (Almonds)

Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 30 cm

Ideal for use on all grass varieties including Couch grass, Kikuyu, Buffalo and all cool season grasses including Ryegrass and Fine Fescues. Doesn’t need irrigation to activate and can be mixed with all products.

Application Rates:

15-30Lt/Ha or as per recommendations of an ITS Sales Consultant.
Can be applied to all turf grass species.

A Sustainable Soil Amendment
for reducing soil acidity, sodicity and surface crusting.

ITS ALLEVIATE PLUS supplies available calcium into the soil solution and simultaneously mobilises the fixed calcium into plant available form. It also reduces soil acidity which affects the increase of plant calcium absorption.

Safety Directions:

Avoid contact with skin, eyes and avoid breathing in vapour or spray mist. Always refer to sda for safety directions during use.

Conditions of Sale:

The manufacturer/Distributor warrants that this chelated trace element product contains the active constituents and chelated compounds, as specified, and it is for the purpose of correcting appropriate micro-nutrient deficiency, when used in accordance with the directions under normal conditions of use.

No-one, other than the officer of the Manufacturer/Distributor, is authorized to make any warranty, guarantee or direction concerning the product as the time, place, rate of application and other conditions are beyond the control of the Manufacturer/Distribution.