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$60.00 10% inc

Liquid soil conditioner designed to improve soil performance, including water movement, root development and aggregate stability. Contains high percentage Calcium compounds

$60.00 10% inc

Root length, root density, root health and core breaking point were significantly greater following 5 applications of Fulvic Link AFT10S over 9 weeks compared to the Untreated Control.

$90.00 10% inc

Apply at a rate of 250- 350 kg of product per Hectare (25- 35 grammes per sq metre). This will supply 37.5- 52.5 kg N, 5-7 kg P and 30-42 kg K per Hectare. This product can be applied through main season, any time from March to late November or refer to nutritional programme, if following one, for application timings and rates.

$50.00 10% inc

Envy is a long lasting green pigment with a high UV tolerance and therefore excellent longevity.  Envy produces very natural looking lush green grass, designed for dormant warm season grasses.

$60.00 10% inc

Ideal for Iron deficiency and aid photosynthesis ,ideal way to naturally green up all turf varieties, perfect to use with Astro 120ME growth regulator

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