Couch Lawn Solutions

Couch Lawn solutions and the most frequent question I get asked is how we keep the couch green during winter. This is a most talked about subject within the homeowner’s fraternity that have couch lawns.

Couch lawn solutions have a Fine leaf classification. Couch grasses today have a finer leaf blade than most other turf varieties making it soft to touch and dense underfoot. The finer leaf of Couch lawn also means there is less water evaporation – another reason it is ideal for hot, dry conditions.

Your couch lawns prefer warm conditions, but does have a downside, all couch grasses go dormant during the cooler months of the year especially in the southern states of Australia. We all see the benefits of a couch lawns during the warmer months as they require minimal inputs including low water usage and have great wear and look fantastic during the warmer months.

Couch Lawns Advice

In saying that we all want our lawns to look good 12 months of the year which as we all know can be very challenging especially if you have a couch lawn. Many factors can contribute to keeping our couch lawn green during winter.

Follow these important steps below.

  • Soil type (the heavier the soil types the higher moisture in winter the cooler the soil temperatures)
  • Shade (heavy shade will affect chlorophyll production and storage of food reserves)
  • Turf health (couch grass will come out of dormancy slower if its not healthy before it goes into dormancy)
  • Soil inputs (the healthier your soil the more access couch grass has to nutrients in the soil)
  • Turf maintenance programs (basic turf maintenance includes fertiliser inputs , soil amelioration, insect control)
  • Reduce Mowing frequency (keep your couch lawn longer during winter months to aid in retaining colour in the leaf)

If the basic steps listed above are followed, we can maintain the colour in your couch lawns.

Couch Lawn Solutions

Apply Lawn rules liquid humic Iron mixed with the following products, Green Envy green pigment, Alleviate plus and Humic Release. The humic Iron will add natural colour to your couch lawn via a chelated organic based Iron liquid fertiliser. Lawn Rules Humic Iron doesn’t contain high levels of sulphur which many Iron and liquid-based iron products do.

If you use fertilisers containing high sulphur levels, this will have a very negative effect on your soil. The sulphur will cause the soil to become hard and lack soil structure.

Adding Lawn Rules Alleviate plus liquid calcium to your couch lawns will flush the accumulated sodium and other nasty elements that can build up from your irrigation inputs and poor-quality fertilisers.

The Lawn Rules Alleviate Calcium will flocculate the smaller peds created by the Humic Acid applied via Humic Release , enabling better soil friability and soil structure. The soluble calcium in ITS Alleviate will also allow the sand and organic layer to aggregate and become more porous and relieve some of the compaction and the availability of tied up nutrients within the soil of your couch lawn.

Couch Lawns Products

Lawn Rules Humic Release is an extremely high grade of Humic acid. The Humic Acid in Humic Release will also help the soil aggregate slightly as it creates a glue and helps create peds in the organic layer, which will improve soil drainage.

Lawn Rules Green pigment dye Green Envy will not only assist in applying an even coverage to your couch lawn, but also assist in greening up your couch lawn when mixed with the Humic Iron. Applications should be applied every 4 weeks as per the labels highest rates in the months of June, July & August.

You will be truly amazed by the results and have the greenest couch lawns by using high grade products that will ensure you have the greenest and healthiest couch lawn in the street.