Thumper Insecticide

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For the Control of Couch Mite and Soil Borne Nematodes in Turf

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Active Constituent

  • 20 g/L ABAMECTIN

Activity Group

  • Group 6 Insecticide


  • ME – Micro Emulsion

Pack Sizes

  • 1L

Thumper Insecticide is a Liquid ME (Micro Emulsion) formulation that contains 20 g/L abamectin.

ABAMECTIN is a member of the Group 6 Insecticides (Thumper Insecticide was the FIRST Turf Registered Insecticide in this Grouping).

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 18 cm

Following application, Thumper Insecticide penetrates leaf tissue where its translaminar (locally systemic) activity provides extended residual control of mites feeding on both the upper and lower surfaces of leaves.

Limited UV breakdown occurs due to quick plant uptake, this is a benefit from the formulation being a Micro Emulsion. The Micro Emulsion also gives the product a low smell effect which is a positive for public areas.

After application Thumper Insecticide quickly moves into leaves where it remains for several weeks and where it is taken up by sucking mites.

Foliage-feeding mites ingest Thumper Insecticide (abamectin), which affects the nervous system of the mites. Shortly after exposure the pest stops feeding (within 2-4 hours), becomes irreversibly paralysed and no further damage to the plant occurs. Death occurs within 7-10 days.